Self Discipline And How Others Affect Your Success

How Self Discipline Holds You Back

When you think about successful people, it is unlikely that you first notice what traits they possess in their character to complete tasks so easily. Instead we tend to observe in awe, wishing that our daily lives possessed the same Midas touch. Of course, the longer someone continues successfully on their path of success, the less likely it is that the achievements are happening by chance.

The Health In Wealth

Athlete representing self discipline

We all recognise the self discipline displayed by athletes, and many of us could apply this to our careers and personal lives.

Most people quantify success in terms of wealth and happiness, often in that order. The interesting part is that all too often people assume money brings happiness, until they actually have more than they need and they realise the incorrect assumption they have made. We’re not here to talk about lottery winners or people getting sudden inheritance windfalls however, we’re more interested in self generated success.

The most common characteristics people who achieve routine success will show are self discipline and the willingness to gamble on their beliefs. That’s not to say they blindly follow an arbitrary path, but that they know how to properly evaluate a calculated risk to weight the odds in their favour. When this courage to act on their beliefs fuses with the true self control to recognise what is working well (and more importantly not so well), this can be a perfect compliment to the overall desire to succeed. It creates persistence, as the saying goes:

“If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again.”

Self Discipline Isn’t Only About Business

It is actually relatively unimportant what task is being undertaken. Development of products, beating an addiction, and career enhancement all require these constituent parts of self discipline that multiply the chance of success.

So how can we morph into the kind of successful, confident people we are describing? First of all it is important to recognise where you need to develop.

Buying Into Selling Yourself

One of the most common ways people fall short is in having the confidence to sell themselves. Success will often be dependent upon how you interact with others, and how you perceive them to view you. In business you will need to believe you can sell a product to another person. We are not talking about physically taking the money from someone, but being able to create the kind of item someone really needs or identifying the solution to resell to people in need. When you believe you have something to sell which makes someone’s life easier, saves them more money than you are selling it for, or simply satisfies a need better than rival products, you can grow the confidence to sell its benefits.

What Makes Us Disciplined?

When we talk about showing self discipline we mean that we have an ability to manage our time well, resist temptation to be distrated by other tasks, and apply ourself to tasks in the most structured way possible. By building these skills, we can become part of a bigger system, which also means that we can ultimately delegate the repetitive tasks in our routine to others, perhaps to employees or fully outsourced.

Despite the clear advantages that working to rules and brings, many people consider systematising their workload to be dull and boring, hardly the picture they have in their head of successful people’s lives. Consider then, the effect of randomly completing tasks in whichever manner first comes to the mind of the entrepreneur. This would make delegation near impossible, as no-one can see inside the mind of the person. The inability to delegate severely restricts how the operation can grow.

Growing Beyond Ourselves

So, by creating systems to complete individual tasks a machine begins to form, a machine which can have its parts replaced as needed. This means that someone leaving a company is not a huge disaster, as their knowledge is documented, and their daily tasks easy to recreate through step by step instructions.

Of course, these systems and processes are not going to be created overnight, but it is clear to see how the self discipline of a successful entrepreneur can lead the way to a resilient company, one which can adapt quickly to changing human and market forces that it cannot easily control. This belief that success is all about spontaneous decision making and glamorous lifestyles is, at best, exaggerated.

First Steps And Making The Change

It is however true to say that by practicing self discipline and being more controlled over your actions you will be far more likely to succeed, and that starts with simple changes to your life. For example, deciding on the time to wake up in the morning and getting up, not reaching for the snooze button on the alarm clock. Making sure that you are always on time will breed a new sense of time management into your life, not to mention finally stopping irritating your friends and colleagues.

You will find that making small changes will inherently build your self confidence too, becoming known as someone who does as they promise, when they promise to do it will work wonders. Remember how we talked at the beginning of the article about other’s perception of you? It just got better!

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